Jon Schladweiler, the AZ Water Association’s Historian, has developed an extensive display of historical collection system photos, artifacts, and articles. The exhibit documents sanitary sewage conveyance activities that took place from the 1870s through the 1950s. The photo portion of the exhibit was first displayed at the Water Environment Federation’s Specialty Conference on “Collection Systems: Operation and Maintenance” in June 1993 in Tucson, Arizona.The actual exhibit can be made available to your organization for display at conferences or other events. If you are interested, contact Jon Schladweiler as noted below.

As of the fall of 2014, the Sewer History Exhibit will owned by NASSCO (410-486-3500). Jon Schladweiler will continue to be the contact person/administrator for the Exhibit.




View the Exhibit and/or Slide Show at Upcoming Events

The Exhibit can be seen at these upcoming events:

  • NJWEA, Atlantic City, New Jersey. May 12-15, 2015.
  • WEFTEC 2015, Chicago, Ill. September 27- October 1, 2015.
  • Underground Construction Technology (UCT), Atlanta, Ga. January 26-28, 2016.
  • WEFTEC 2016, New Orleans, La. September 24-28, 2016.

The presentation “Tracking Down the Roots of Our Sanitary Sewers”:

Mr. Schladweiler is available to do a 90 minute presentation from the podium entitled “Tracking Down the Roots of Our Sanitary       Sewers”. The presentation includes the electronic slides and sound effects. Please contact Mr. Schladweiler at or at 520-954-3754 to discuss availability and/or terms.

This presentation has been done at over 50 locations throughout the United States. It’s content covers over 5,500 years of the evolutionary development of our present day sewer systems.

The Exhibit has been shown in the past at numerous locations. Click to view list.

Historical Materials Wanted!

NASSCO and/or Mr. Schladweiler are looking for additional historical photos (and pipe/equipment specimens) about collection systems (or water systems — for a future historical exhibit) to expand and improve the Exhibit. If you have such photos or materials (or knowledge of their whereabouts) contact:

Jon Schladweiler
Phone: (520) 954-3754

Through the Exhibit, NASSCO is hoping to give others a vision of the roots of our water and wastewater professions, thus, fostering a higher appreciation of how far we’ve come. Please call Jon if you have either photos or materials you’d be willing to share.

Point of historical interest – an early water regulation:
“No one shall with malice pollute the waters where they issue publicly.
Should anyone pollute them, his fine shall be ten thousand sesterti.”
(approx. $600)

Source: Sextus Julian Frontinus, Water Commissioner of the City of Rome, 97 CE