For Reference

Roman Water Systems at Nesausus and Arelate by Roger Hansen,

Petri S. Juuti & Tapio S. Katko (eds.), Water, Time and European Cities – History Matters for the Futures (Tampere University Press, Finland, 2005).  Thanks to Petri Juuti, Ph.D., University of Tampere, Finland.

This covers a larger number of European countries than any other source we have.

PDF version.                  Also found on a University of Tampere website.

Petri S. Juuti, Water and City – Environmental History of Water and Sanitation Services in Tampere, Finland, 1835-1921. website

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PDF version (printer-friendly).

Samuel M. Gray, Proposed Plan for a Sewerage System, and for the Disposal of the Sewage of the City of Providence (Providence: Providence Press Company, Printers to the City, 1884), Appendix A, pp. 3-116 and Plates I – XVI and XXIII.

PDF version (printer-friendly).

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