Eliot C. Clarke, Main Drainage Works of the City of Boston, 2nd edition (Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, 1885), pp. 7-21, 31-52, Plates I-IX.

Chapter I: “Early History of Sewerage at Boston” (pp. 7-11, Plate I) PDF version (printer-friendly).

Chapter II: “Character and Defects of the Old Sewerage System” (pp. 12-15, Plate II)  PDF version (printer-friendly).

Chapter III: “Movements for Reform — Commission of 1875” (pp. 16-21, Plates III, V) PDF version (printer-friendly).

Chapter V: “Main Sewer” (pp. 31-36, Plate VI)  PDF version (printer-friendly).

Chapter VI: “Intercepting Sewers” (pp. 37-52, Plates VII, VIII, IX)  PDF version (printer-friendly).

Article in the 3 Dec 1887 edition of the Scientific American regarding The Boston Sewer System and Main Drain Works; a description of the involved steam powered pump station, sewer mains, cleaning devices within the sewers, etc.,

PDF version (printer-friendly)