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There is a story that the Bank of England once had a sewer directly under its bullion vault. A sewer worker discovered an opening into the vault, but stole nothing — and was rewarded for his honesty. A film called “The Day They Robbed the Bank of England” was loosely based on the existence of the sewer entrance.

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Kevin Enfinger, P.E., ADS Environmental Services, Huntsville, Alabama; “Sewer Sociology: The Days of Our (Sewer) Lives,” 2006. From the website of ADS Environmental Services.

Details the use of hydrographs in sewer monitoring and the record they make of non-sewerage events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks. (425 kb)

Sewer Sociology       Poster

Jon C. Schladweiler, Historian, Arizona Water &  Pollution Control Association, “Cloacina: Goddess of the Sewers,” 2006.

PDF version.

FOR REFERENCE: See also Cloacina  and The Shrine of Cloacina

1872 Rules for Teachers … List of Rules for teachers to follow in frontier days in Wisconsin.

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